How to use Twitter to search for jobs in India?

Understanding the Power of Twitter

Alright, let's dive right in. Twitter has always been a hotbed for constant updates, trending news, and a platform where you can literally tweet out your thoughts in 140 characters or less. But guess what? Twitter is not just about sharing thoughts or following trends, it's also a fantastic platform to search for jobs. Yes, you heard that right! The birdy does more than just chirp; it actually helps you land a job! I mean, who needs a magical lamp when you have Twitter. It's more like, 'One little tweet can bring you a great feat."

The big question is: How does one use Twitter to hunt for jobs, especially in India? Glad you asked because Aarav is here to enlighten you and dispel the mystifying cloud around this topic. I have mastered the art of job hunting on this platform and I'm more than eager to share the secret sauce. So, get your notepads ready.

The Twitting Resume

Before we go further, let's state an interesting fact. Do you know that your Twitter profile acts as your mini-resume? Yes, it's true! What you tweet, who you follow, and who follows you can all tell a potential employer about your interests, your industry insights, and even about your personality. Keeping an updated, professional, and engaging Twitter profile is like having an online resume available to potential employers 24/7. Imagine a job hunt where you don't have to keep mailing your resumes out. The Twitter bird simply flies it around for you!

Now, before shaping your Twitter resume, keep in mind to upload a professional picture as your display pic. Next, make sure to create an engaging bio that clearly demonstrates your professional interests and skills. Do not forget to include the link to your LinkedIn profile or any of your professional web pages. And there, you have a complete digital resume ready!

Follow Your Dream Company

Is there any company you dream of working for? Let's say IBM, Google, Microsoft or any promising startups in India, then the simplest and effective way to get their attention is by following them on Twitter. By following them, you'll be updated with their latest news, developments, and most importantly, job openings! Heck, I've been following Zomato just to get a free Zomato Gold subscription, but it doesn't hurt to check their portal for a fitting job now and does it?

However, following them is not enough. Engage with them by liking their tweets, retweeting, or adding valuable comments. Remember, "out of sight, out of mind," so always ensure that you are seen.

Hashtags and Job Listings

Remember how Cinderella's fairy godmother transformed a pumpkin and some mice into a magnificent carriage and horses? Well, consider hashtags as your fairy godmother on Twitter. With the right hashtags, you can find the right opportunities hidden amidst abundant tweets. Utilizing hashtags like #JobOpening, #Hiring, #Jobs, #Career, along with the industry you're interested in, can lead you to various job listings. For example, if you're looking for a job in digital marketing, the hashtag sequence would look like this: #JobOpening #Hiring #DigitalMarketing. Remember to return the carriage by midnight though, a.k.a post job hunting, don't put useless hashtags.

In my personal experiences, I once happened to find an opportunity for a potential job in Chennai by using the hashtags #JobsInChennai, and guess what? I was shortlisted! So, believe me when I say that hashtags are powerful.

Networking: Connecting with the Right People

It's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know. This statement holds true especially when you're job hunting. Just as LinkedIn, Twitter also allows you to connect with professionals. Following and interacting with professionals in the same industry as you can open up new possibilities. Keeping up with their tweets can provide you insights into new job opportunities, skill requirements or even simply valuable knowledge sharing. It's like attending a conference without having to dress up. Pyjamas and opportunities, what a blend!

I remember following an industry expert in content writing, and then, an interaction led to a referral, and voilà, I landed a freelancing gig. That's Twitter for you, friends!

Twitter Chats and Job Fairs

Another efficient way to network is by participating in Twitter chats. These usually are scheduled discussions organized around a specific topic, with a designated hashtag. Participating in these chats can increase your visibility to potential employers by positioning you as a knowledgeable and involved individual within your industry. It's almost like showing off your dance moves in a party and catching everyone's eye.

Twitter also hosts virtual job fairs. Companies or job boards host these fairs using a specific hashtag, and participants can discuss different job opportunities with recruiters directly. It's like holding job interviews in your living room. And if you're lucky like me, you might just land one. So keep those notifications alert!

To conclude, as a writer, I have found Twitter to be a treasure trove of opportunities, and it's not just limited to creative fields. From technology to sustainability, from startups to multinational corporations, the Twitterverse is abundant with job opportunities. And with these tips and tricks, I hope you can navigate this galaxies and land on the job planet of your dreams. Happy job hunting!

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